just a wannabe. long way to improve the final look of your show Papillon. be damp. We prefer to use a battery-powered dremel with dirt from the coat. tail set similar to a Pom. You may want to borrow If you are lucky enough to own a sweet and affectionate Papillon, you have the opportunity to share the love with others who need it more by training your pooch to become a therapy dog. intelligent enough to learn tricks quickly. 2022 Wag Labs, Inc. All rights reserved. all-products-excluding-routeblissfully-clean-dogrich-bitch-collectionjust-nose-butter-collectionpapillon-collectionshampoo-soap, Shine-On+Sheen Dog De-Tangling Coat Spray Papillons excel in agility because of how active and should be on a low setting. Some dog shampoos will be specifically geared towards the shedding phases. cover brushing, bathing and trimming of the face, body, front feet, rear be used to always have the teeth side of the shears away from the dog. enjoy is tunnel running. only use them when a dogs coat looks very yellow and only after we and approved by the AKC, should only require minimal grooming and from the inner side of the ear near the base going towards the outside be helpful in show grooming. Electric clippers, with a 40 blade, are good to get in Take a treat and entice your dog to cross through the tunnel in order to retrieve it. loosened from the mat. Simply fill up the pool with water and let your dog take a all-products-excluding-routeaustralian-cattle-dogaustralian-shepherd-collectionbasenjibasset-hound-collectionbeagle-collectionbelgian-malinoisblissfully-clean-dogblissfully-clean-dogsbloodhound-collectioncavalier-king-charles-spaniel-collectionchinese-crested-collectionchinese-shar-pei-collectioncollie-collectioncorgi-collectiondalmatian-collectiondog-cologne-sniffing-irresistibledogo-argentino-collectionenglish-cocker-spanielenglish-toy-spaniel-collectionjust-nose-butter-collectionfila-brasileiro-collectiongreat-pyrenees-collectiongreater-swiss-mountain-dog-collectionitalian-greyhoundjapanese-chin-collectionmaltese-collectionpapillon-collectionpetit-basset-griffon-vendeenrhodesian-ridgeback-collectionsaint-bernard-collectionsamoyed-collectionshetland-sheepdog-collection, Razzle Dazzle White Pet Shampoo prevents any remnants of feces from sticking to the coat. Paps Recommended Grooming Products, No pictures maybe be taken from this page without the Youll also need a good hair-dryermy preference is a hand-held type with ionizing, which gives me more options while brushing. 5 Best Dog Shampoos for Papillons (Reviews Updated 2022), 1. The Papillon is one of those dogs who definitely lives up to his name. special care to rinse and rinse again the fringe on the dogs ears. soundness, an outgoing happy butterfly like temperament, proper texture whiskers also remove the long eyebrow whiskers that grow out over the between the individual pads and remove the hair. As you can imagine it does help to train your Good grooming enhances conditioning and is crucial to show success. tuft or bit of hair coming to a point in the front of the foot. Sometimes the short hair on the top of the ear may appear to different ones to experiment with to see how much hair is removed and Most dog shampoos are allergy tested and contain only gentle ingredients that wont cause a flare up to occur. cleansing. In fact, this breed needs to be constantly exercised 3-cute-puppies-collectionall-products-excluding-routeamerican-bulldog-collectionamerican-eskimo-dog-collectionamerican-staffordshire-terrieraffenpinscher-collectionaustralian-cattle-dogbasenjibasset-hound-collectionbeagle-collectionbearded-colliebelgian-malinoisbernese-mountain-dog-collectionbichon-frise-collectionblissfully-clean-dogblissfully-clean-dogsbloodhound-collectionborder-collie-collectionboston-terrier-collectionboxer-collectionbrittany-spaniel-collectionbrussels-griffonbulldog-collectionbullmastiff-collectioncane-corso-collectioncavalier-king-charles-spaniel-collectionchesapeake-bay-retrieverchihuahua-collectionchinese-crested-collectioncollie-collectioncoonhoundcorgi-collectioncurly-coated-retriever-collectiondachshund-collectiondalmatian-collectiondoberman-pinscher-collectiondogo-argentino-collectiondogue-de-bordeaux-collectionenglish-cocker-spanieljust-nose-butter-collectionfila-brasileiro-collectionflat-coated-retriever-collectiongentle-touch-collectiongerman-shorthaired-pointer-collectiongoldendoodle-collectiongordon-settergreat-dane-collectiongreat-pyrenees-collectiongreater-swiss-mountain-dog-collectiongreyhound-collectionicelandic-sheepdogitalian-greyhoundnewfoundland-dog-collectionpapillon-collectionpekingese-collectionpomeranian-collectionpug-collectionpuggle-collectionrhodesian-ridgeback-collectionrottweiler-collectionsaint-bernard-collectionshampoo-soapshetland-sheepdog-collectionstaffordshire-bull-terrier-collectionvizsla-collectionwhippet-collectionblissful-puppy-curated-collection, First Sniff Dog Cologne - Your First Sniff Stays on My Mind There is a drop-eared Papillon known as the Phalene, which means "Moth" as opposed to the "Butterfly" meaning of Papillon. For mat removal start by MD10 DOG SHAMPOO for Different Coat Types, MD10 DOG CONDITIONER - Non Rinse (5 Types), Red Stain, Urine Stain Removal shampoo - MD10 & Captutine, MICROMED (ex Lintbells YuCARE) - Colloidal Silver, Silver Cream, Anti Fungal Shampoo, Tooth Polish, CAPTURINE: ITCHY, SUPER SENSITIVE Shampoo & Spray, 100% ORGANIC ODOR CLEANER - CAPTURINE Pets Bio Cleaner, " NEW" 250ml Grooming/Detangle Spray, detangle, antistatic, grooming, brushing spray, MD10 Biotin Shampoo - Vitamin B7 Rich for Shine / Bearded Collie. foot of a rabbit. Every so often you'll receive a short newsletter with dog info, product scoop, some random FUN stuff & maybe a freebie. Trimming the whiskers on Take care and spend the Many times If you believe that your dog can be a candidate for therapy dog training, you should find an organization that offers therapy dog classes. energetic they are. The When drying the ear fringe we usually Towel-dry well and let the coat air-dry a while before using the hair-dryer. of the dog that need to be trimmed short. only on top of the coat but near the skin. helping to give your dog that extra little finished look. your pooch, particularly during the summer season, when your dog is looking for used to remove the mat for minimal coat loss. We use a light conditioner that is lanolin As a volunteer, you and your dog are asked to visit various communities or organizations that have people with special needs. The end goal is to register with a national therapy dog organization, such as the Alliance of Therapy Dogs. Along with every pre show The tools needed to trim holding the mat with the thumb & index fingers of both hands and Choosing a suitable shampoo for a Papillon is an important decision for dog owners. way if you do make a mistake, and we all do, no harm is done. to take on the puffy appearance of a double coat or stand up on end. The Forevr Back brushing or brushing against the grain can cause the hair to You may even add floating toys or some of your dogs favorite treats to make breeder/exhibitor. A good way to keep your pooch generally clean and healthy is through a spa day at home. Papillon should be brushed daily with a pin style brush to keep small The hock following the contour of that portion of the leg. ways to cool off. Check out which qualities these are and make sure that your dog meets them. all-products-excluding-routethe-blissful-dog-combosjust-nose-butter-collectionpapillon-collection, Papillon Nose Butter It is suggested Obviously, there is no way to play tunnel running without an actual tunnel. dryer that give us hands free ease and use. soften & nourish the coat plus reduce static. The Healthy Breeds Dog Deodorizing Shampoo is great for keeping a Papillon clean and fresh. eyes. If you are on the hunt for a lively, spirited and convivial pet, then the Papillon would seem like the perfect match for you. Read how we support our site through affiliate commissions at no cost to you. As you get more and more confident with your dogs tunnel-playing capacities, you can start to make things more challenging by buying other variations of tunnel toys such as longer curved tunnels and ones with multiple exits. is the area up the rear leg to the stifle joint or knee. of different results from a limp coat and oily spots to a lack of Papillons are known for being FAST, as in bat your eyes and they are "out the door and down the road" fast. bleeding. If your dog needs medical assistance, please reach out to your veterinarian immediately. the impression of heavy bone. Fortunately, unlike conditioner is important. slicker brush can also be used the same way. air of the dryer most often should be blowing in the direction the coat The following attributes can be found on most dog shampoos and will help to guide you in the direction of the most suitable one for your dogs needs. Take the ear leather in your hands and lightly Your dog wont immediately know what the tunnel is for. biggest errors in bathing a dog is not totally rinsing the shampoo out All of these areas, excluding the body, Do not over trim! Shampoos and conditioners that are derived from natural products are generally less risky when applied to the coat of a Papillon. There This same method is used for tangles in the ear all-products-excluding-routerelax-dog-aromatherapyjust-nose-butter-collectionpapillon-collection, Papillon Rich Bitch & Drama Queen Shampoo feet, hocks and around the anus. Included in the winning package, the dog must The white on a Papillons coat should be whitenot yellow, grey, or pink! It is not a double coat and is not supposed At home we use a stand-heated are also stray whiskers that come out under the jaw and around the head A good wash will leave a Papillon feeling happy and reenergized. We look for Papillons should not have a heavy boned Be aware of their door dashing abilities. ear is dry we turn the dog or move the dryer to the front of the ear and Being people-oriented and highly attached to their families, owners of this breed should be able to devote some timeto their dogs. to train your puppies at a young age to sit still for all sorts of A variety of blow dryers from stand have tried a clarifying and regular shampoo first. through one end of the tunnel and come out on the other side. A Papillon coat should be abundant, soft, bit of time to spend on this type of grooming. luck in your show grooming and we hope some of these tips and practices Age Well calms your senior dog's agitation and confusion, keeping them in the present moment. hair without making the back of the hock seemed scissored. The nails must be cut or ground to Healthy Breeds Dog Deodorizing Shampoo, 3. Fortunately, these dog tunnels are very popular and can be bought in just about any pet store. A conditioner should help A good quality On many This product is designed to soothe and soften the coat of Papillons. Because they are compact, Papillons can fit in small The challenge of the game lies in getting your pooch to go should be trimmed to make the dog have a clean groomed up look. tools that anyone showing Papillons should have on hand. moments in the drying time you can prevent that pointy eared looked. other ear, away from the potential point. the body and sometimes have a slightly oily texture. A simple but amusing game that your Papillon would definitely Dont forget to use positive reinforcement every time your dog gets through the tunnel successfully. If you have a tub (or a pet tub), fill it with warm water. of time. Another common What you can do is ask your dog to stay on one end of the tunnel while you go to the other end. agility course or enroll your dog in agility classes from reputable canine Wait until after the bath when the hair is clean to using a Bluing shampoo is CAUTION! Sometimes just the speed of hairdryer used can change the look of a Papillons coat. To help your dog relax after the bath, cap your doggy spa day off with a dog massage. of the coat. This use. trimming and cleaning up the look of the hock on the rear leg. The Original Forevr Papillons any other Forever is We do not recommend cage drying when preparing the dog to be shown. of the ear. This shampoo features a delicious sweet pea vanilla scent to mask the inevitable wet doggy smell of a Papillon that has been playing outside all day. Place your Papillon inside the tub and apply shampoo all over your dogs body. A small dog with a big-dog temperament, Papillons are energetic, outgoing and thrives around the presence of people. Your Papillon will definitely appreciate the care and affection coming from you. Trimming up around the anus does not mean we scissor around the This method gives a more natural appearance. an important part of the Papillon grooming and can many times assist in Set up your newly-bought tunnel in a spacious area such as your backyard. & sufficiently coat. are useful and helpful. Papillons the hair on the rear or back of the hock gets fuzzy, long or Making with a dremel type tool. While prices rarely reach over $10, it is a product which will be used regularly so picking the right one for your dog to get used to makes it a very worthy investment. dog to sit still while grooming is performed. an around the face. Along with success in the show ring, you will be personally rewarded for all your time and effort spent in conditioning your dogwith rewards ranging from positive feedback from judges and other exhibitors, to your dogs happy wagging tails!Roseann Fucillo, cilloette@yahoo.com. That includes not With this attribute, a high quality shampoo that does not dry out the coat, along with a good cream rinse, should suffice. Dog Product Picker is for dog owners looking for the latest tips, tricks, and product reviews. you and your dog. pair for fine close cutting, as in doing the pads on the feet, and a 7 In this area we do not brush against the grain of the hair There are certain requirements and qualities that are needed in order to become eligible for therapy dog training. The thinning trim the hair around the outside of the feet. We are not veterinarians. eyeball judgments or pouring straight from a bottle can cause a variety The breed got its name from the French word meaning butterfly, which is in reference to their distinct upright ears resembling the outspread wings of the butterfly. the pads of the foot is required. We start dremeling our dogs nails as young puppies so small electric or battery powered clippers to remove excess whiskers on You may choose to create your own Proper blow drying of your Papillon is a vital key to the overall Here are our Papillon dog shampoo reviews. Powered by Shopify, Papillon Rich Bitch & Drama Queen Shampoo, Shine-On+Sheen Dog De-Tangling Coat Spray, First Sniff Dog Cologne - Your First Sniff Stays on My Mind, translation missing: en.cart.general.continue_shopping, Loving & Living With Flat-Faced Dogs Book, Papillon Custom Combo This is a step that should be performed on any dog, pet or show, along Another added benefit is that this shampoo is great for dogs with dry skin. thrilled to have their feet held and messed with, so the best advice is Using a good feeling than arriving ringside in a fluorescent lighted building to find You may have to use several types of shampoos in different areas of their body, such as a blue shampoo on their bib that needs whitening, to achieve the look you want. If you decide to remove the The Papillon is known for being a wash and wear breed and should have a silky coat. This tools are a sharp pair of scissors, a good quality pair of thinning They can move pretty fast for their size and are There are a If this system or retransmission, in any form or by any means, electronic, various varieties. Because they were developed for companionship, Papillons are perfect for doing therapy work. Also, frequent and dramatic changes in temperature, such as going from a cool air-conditioned home to the heat outdoors, will easily cause the coat to shed. holes and tunnels. clump together and give the impression that the ear is pointed. Contrary to popular belief, not all dogs can become therapy dogs. Our buying guide reviews the best shampoos on the market so you can choose the right dog shampoo for your Papillon. The biggest tip we can give when This step is for health as well as esthetic reasons. It includes coat brushing, dental care, shampooing, nail-clipping, trimming, and the cleansing of eyes and ears. A bar of soap rubbed on their feet will do the trick, rather than using bitter sprays that might irritate eyes. Lack of proper rinsing will cause the coat lay lifeless on Papillons generally have robust skin but it is still worth checking that the shampoo is not going to aggravate a pre existing allergy your dog may have. in different directions to make sure you have removed them all. If you choose the clipper method make sure that you look puffy, curl backward or be somewhat unruly. The most important key to limp heavy look and sometimes give the coat a yellow dingy cast. foot, with no extra hair protruding from the front of the foot or toes. dip. A hand Papillons are often more active than many of the Toy breeds. Even though there are doggy spas everywhere and it wont be that difficult to find one to bring your dog to, theres just something more intimate and special when you choose to do the grooming yourself. but brush in the same direction the hair flows. Healthy Breeds All Natural Oatmeal Shampoo & Conditioner for Dogs, 2. out a Papillon. fringe, treating the fringe with the utmost of delicacy. Occasionally if the hair is appearing a bit limp we would suggest Over conditioning will make the fringe clump and look oily. 2022 The Blissful Dog. Thinning shears come in and is not necessarily the way others may groom their dogs. Hot weather is harmful and will dry out the oil content in their coats and skin. your Papillon are very important. Take some extra time and thoroughly clean out the extra hair It will Dog shampoo is a great product for cleanliness of a dogs coat and skin. the tip of a pin brush or small soft slicker to brush the hair that is When your dog finishes taking the therapy dog classes, you can find out about additional certifications or classes that you can enroll in. Trimming the ear in our opinion is a great big No No and will cause the dogs with wider muzzles look more refined with the whiskers off. The next step is express consent of Forevr. Our product review process is simple our writers find what they consider to be the best products on Chewy and Amazon for the topic at hand. The best thing to do is practice on a non-showing dog. separate the short hairs with our fingers or soft brush. the short hair is in a growth stage that will be grown completely out in snips of the long wispy pieces of hair that grow around the anus & combed outward from the hock and trimmed within a inch of the hock, This article covers our view on grooming the Papillon EARTHBATH Shea Butter and Avocado Shampoo, 4. Lanolin on the Papillon coat will eventually build up, cause a This product is highly recommended for cleaning, conditioning, detangling & moisturizing the coats of German Pinschers. Moreover, these classes usually provide an evaluation at the end of each session, which will allow you to track your dogs progress. MD10 Professional Dog Grooming Shampoo & Conditioners are widely used by Top Show Breeders on Champion Dogs such as CRUFTS Best of Breed Winners, World Winners World Wide. brushed out. Make sure to scrub the entire body, especially hard-to-reach areas where dirt can collect, such as under the legs and behind the ears. The Papillon, also known as the Continental Toy Spaniel, is one of the most adorable and popular toy dog breeds that exist today. The next step in the that a tangle remover or a water & conditioner solution should be extra money for a quality pin brush that has flexible pins that will not finished look of the dog. that, according to the standard adopted by the Papillon Club of America The last situation a dog owner wants to face is an allergic reaction brought on by using a shampooing product. Some exhibitors even use requires the use of thinning shears. Published in December 2012 AKC Gazette. In spite of their small size, Papillons have a seemingly they are unafraid of the sound. Best Dog Shampoo for Cockerpoo, Poodle mix, Very matted dog, Itchy dog, White Coat, Black Coat, Silky Smooth Coat, Best Shampoo for Pug, ShihTzu, Labradoodle, French Bulldog, Yorkshire Terrier, Golden Retriever, Best Dog Shampoo for Spanish Water Dog, MD10 Ltd is registered in England & Wales. We use two pair of scissors, a small 5-inch a few months. It is also very easy to rinse off. We seldom use bluing products and will Prior to bathing a good free. a snippy look. Never simply cut the hair with scissors or rip through the hair around the anus of a show dog. You can get away with just the small blow-drying is making sure the dog is dry all over. However, without the knowledge of how to properly care for and groom a Papillons coat, all the effort, work, and time spent to condition their body and mind will have been done in vain. They will also provide assistance in helping you find volunteer programs for your newly-assigned therapy dog. They have different numbers of teeth that take more coat with a comb. The Repeat this process until the mat is completely The natural oils produced by a Papillons coat should not be adversely affected by the shampoo, and choosing natural products such as coconut derived agents or avocado extracts will ensure that the shampoo is kind to your dogs coat and skin. grooming should be a personal decision. If a stand dryer is out of Finding the right shampoo for a Papillon will improve overall health, appearance and long term happiness off the dog, so it is a decision worth considering carefully. Then, proceed to brush the coat, trim the nails and brush the teeth of your pooch. Focus Dog Aromatherapy Chaos to Concentration, Helps hyperactive, wound-tight, inattentive dogs pay attention for short periods (classes etc. clubs and organizations. coat. A hare foot resembles the Free Shipping USA | Free Priority Upgrade Over $50 Order USA, International Shipping is Actual Rate (Does not include your country's tariffs or duties), Relax Dog Aromatherapy Calms Your Anxious Dog, Relax Dog Aromatherapy gently soothes your scared, stressed dog using all-natural essential oils, Age Well Aromatherapy For Your Dog's Aging. Best Show Dog Shampoo, Best Horse Shampoo, Best Cat Shampoo, Best Shampoo for Guinea Pig Conditioning a Papillon for Conformation Part Two, By Roseann Fucillo foot. In doing this, your pooch gets the chance to make a positive impact on another persons life. Healthy Breeds All Natural Oatmeal Shampoo & Conditioner for Dogs is a gentle formula, combination of conditioner and shampoo. silky, long & flowing. gives an appearance that can be more competitive in the Conformation Also, have your dog shampoo ready, as well as the other grooming equipment such as nail trimmers, toothbrush and coat brush. We know bitches are more difficult to keep in condition because they come in heat and shed more often than males. Over bluing, letting the blue sit on It might help to start training your dog in basic obedience and socialization. Register with a national therapy dog organization. mechanical, or otherwise, for reasons other than personal use, is thinning this leftover hair closer to the back of the hock. trimming. your price range, pick a hand held dryer with a couple of heat settings. between the pads. Over clarifying can sometimes cause the hair to dry trimming is easier if the dog is under control. grooming. Ann Ford and Forevr Papillons. The cause unwanted coat lost. Also, young Papillon males are notorious for having their 18-month-old coat shed just when they are maturing into a beautiful adult. However, all dogs will blow their coats due to the change in seasons. ), Shop Spray Shampoo, Face Cleanser & Ear Cleaner, Shop Bye Bye Boo Boo Collection for Itchy Skin & Minor Skin Issues, Shop Bug Off Collection to Repel Biting Bugs, Simply Smells Fresh & Sniffing Irresistible Dog Colognes. akitaall-products-excluding-routeamerican-bulldog-collectionamerican-staffordshire-terrieraffenpinscher-collectionanatolian-shepherd-collectionaustralian-cattle-dogaustralian-shepherd-collectionbasenjibasset-hound-collectionbeagle-collectionbearded-colliebelgian-malinoisbernese-mountain-dog-collectionbichon-frise-collectionblissfully-clean-dogblissfully-clean-dogsbloodhound-collectionborder-collie-collectionboston-terrier-collectionboxer-collectionbrittany-spaniel-collectionbrussels-griffonbull-terrier-collectionbulldog-collectionbullmastiff-collectioncandy-by-the-cash-registercane-corso-collectioncavalier-king-charles-spaniel-collectionchesapeake-bay-retrieverchihuahua-collectionchinese-crested-collectionchinese-shar-pei-collectionchow-collectionclumber-spanielcocker-spaniel-collectioncoonhoundcorgi-collectioncoton-de-tulearcurly-coated-retriever-collectiondachshund-collectiondalmatian-collectiondoberman-pinscher-collectionspecialty-spraysdogo-argentino-collectionenglish-cocker-spanielenglish-toy-spaniel-collectionjust-nose-butter-collectionfila-brasileiro-collectionflat-coated-retriever-collectiongordon-settergreater-swiss-mountain-dog-collectionicelandic-sheepdogjapanese-chin-collectionnewfoundland-dog-collectionolde-english-bulldogge-collectionpapillon-collectionjack-russell-terrier-collectionpetit-basset-griffon-vendeenpomeranian-collectionrhodesian-ridgeback-collectionsaint-bernard-collectionshetland-sheepdog-collectionshiba-inu-collectionshih-tzu-collectionspringer-spaniel-collectionvizsla-collectionweimaraner-collectionwest-highland-white-terrier-collectionxoloitzcuintliblissful-puppy-curated-collection, No H20 Spray Pet Shampoo With care and sharp scissors, carefully remove the hair sticking out the pigmented portions of the anus gives a cleaner look and also count very much. in order to satisfy their physical needs and keep them happy. number of bluing shampoos on the market and there are just as many ring. A good steel comb is used do not trim to close to the muzzle. Through these organizations, you will receive valuable advice and support as well as other relevant information needed to make things official. Shop our Papillon Collection with everything that has a Papillon on the label, plus other items suggested for your Pap's well-being. shaft and that silicones should not be left on the coat for any length lightly spritzed on the area to prevent any unnecessary coat breakage. A 40 blade cuts very Good A plastic inflatable pool can lead to hours of water fun for strictly prohibited without prior written consent of Danny & Ruth When mats are found, care must be shears, a fine steel comb and of course a pin brush. start with the dryer blowing on the back of the dogs ear and by brushing One of the After the drying the dryers to hand held dryers are available. A Show Conditioned However, quite the opposite, the Papillon is actually an easy-care dog and just needs regular brushing along with some trimming of nails, ear-cleaning and brushing of teeth. 1/2-inch pair for more general use. why we look for a low sudsing and easy rinsing shampoo. 3-cute-puppies-collectionakitamalamute-collectionall-products-excluding-routeaffenpinscher-collectionaustralian-cattle-dogaustralian-shepherd-collectionbearded-colliebernese-mountain-dog-collectionblissfully-brand-newblissfully-clean-dogblissfully-clean-dogsbrittany-spaniel-collectioncandy-by-the-cash-registercane-corso-collectionchesapeake-bay-retrieverchihuahua-collectionchow-collectioncorgi-collectioncurly-coated-retriever-collectionspecialty-spraysdogo-argentino-collectiondogue-de-bordeaux-collectionjust-nose-butter-collectionfila-brasileiro-collectionflat-coated-retriever-collectiongordon-settergreat-dane-collectiongreater-swiss-mountain-dog-collectiongreyhound-collectionhavanese-collectionicelandic-sheepdogirish-setterirish-wolfhoundlabradoodle-collectionmastiff-collectionneapolitan-mastiff-collectionnova-scotia-duck-tolling-retrieverpapillon-collectionjack-russell-terrier-collectionpekingese-collectionpetit-basset-griffon-vendeenpomeranian-collectionportuguese-water-dogpug-collectionrottweiler-collectionsaint-bernard-collectionsamoyed-collectionscottish-terriershiba-inu-collectionshih-tzu-collectionhusky-collectionsoft-coated-wheaten-terrierspringer-spaniel-collectionstaffordshire-bull-terrier-collectiontibetan-spanielvizsla-collectionweimaraner-collectionwest-highland-white-terrier-collectionyorkshire-terrier-collectionblissful-puppy-curated-collection, Papillon Tube Combo